We still don’t know when we’ll say goodbye to Google Play Music but we do know that Google is already pushing YouTube Music as a replacement for the app. But people who use the former may still not be convinced to switch to the latter since not all features have been migrated to it already. One of the most requested features has been the ability to upload your own audio. The first step towards adopting that feature has finally happened as you can now play locally stored music through the YouTube Music app.

One of the things that has made Google Play Music popular is that you are able to upload your own files to it and then have access to it wherever you have the app installed, whether on your smartphone, computer, or if your smart speaker supports the app. This is probably the last piece of the puzzle that they have to bring users in order to convince them to start using and subscribing to YouTube Music.

Now the very belated first step is here as the YouTube Music app now has local music integration. This means that if you have audio files stored in your smartphone or SD card, you will now be able to choose YouTube Music as your player. This is particularly helpful for those songs or albums that aren’t part yet of the library but that you somehow have “acquired” one way or another.

Take note that this is just the first, baby step. You still won’t be able to upload your files to the app itself so it means you can only play it where it is stored locally. And other people can’t listen to that song or album that you’re playing on your app so there’s that. But at least that means they’re making progress towards making all Google Play Music features available on YouTube Music.

There’s still no clear date as to when Google will sunset Google Play Music but we do know that as of April 30, 2019, artists won’t be able to upload their music through the Artist Hub, so the end is probably really near.