Your Wi-Fi is about to get stronger thanks to artificial intelligence

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The Killer Intelligence Engine now incorporates artificial intelligence to produce stronger and faster Wi-Fi connections for several popular devices. Rivet Networks announced the AI capabilities will benefit devices from several manufacturers, but did not specify which OEMs support it at this time. The AI incorporation is available now on supported devices.

AI in the Killer Intelligence Engine uses three key ways to improve Wi-Fi strength and speed. First, Smart Access Point Selection Technology and AI monitor all available access points. They can then switch to any access point with a higher score. Rivet Networks states that this can reduce latency by up to 50 percent.

Second, the Killer Intelligence Engine compares network capabilities and a PC’s capabilities to make sure they line up. It then recommends any updates needed to improve the network.

Lastly, the Killer Intelligence Engine uses other Killer technologies. For example, it works with Killer DoubleShot Pro to evaluate the health of each Killer interface to ensure that the healthiest interface handles critical traffic. It also works with Killer Prioritization Engine to detect the health of a Wi-Fi environment.

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This multi-faceted approach helps people have the fastest and strongest Wi-Fi connection possible. Rivet Networks states, “The Killer Intelligence Engine can deliver better performance in almost all network environments. If a user only has access to a single access point, then the Killer Intelligence Engine will ensure the user is connected to the best band. If the user has multiple access points available (which could be at home, at work, or in public places such as airports), then the Killer Intelligence Engine will evaluate all of the different access points and put the user on the best band of the best access point.”

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