Your Samsung fridge can run Doom now thanks to Xbox Game Pass

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With the next generation of gaming systems being upon us, you’d think we’d at least have a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of competitors. But the sight of Doom running on a Samsung Family Hub fridge kind of shattered that reality for us today. Thanks to xCloud and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you are now technically able to slay demons while doing whatever it is that people usually do when they stand in front of a closed fridge.

OK, this definitely doesn’t solve any practical problems, not to mention that at $4,000 and with no controllers included, the Family Hub probably won’t beat the PS5 or whatever random sequence of letters Microsoft attached to the new Xbox as the best next-gen gaming system. But it’s still a pretty awesome thing to witness.

Has science gone too far? No, not at all.

And no, neither Microsoft nor Samsung are even trying to tout it as a possibility; the free-thinking spirit responsible for this gaming setup had to sideload the Xbox Android app to their Family Hub fridge in order to get it working.

Samsung’s 2020 smart refrigerator models are quite capable machines even outside of their game streaming potential. With that said, widespread adoption remains but a distant possibility for them, primarily on account of the high price tags that have been keeping them firmly in the luxury goods category for years now. Things are getting better, i.e. cheaper, however, just more slowly than what many industry watchers anticipated back when this kind of IoT tech started hitting the market a decade ago. Or two decades ago, depending on how you define a “smart fridge”.

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