Your Phone could soon support resizable Android apps on Windows 10

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Microsoft’s Your Phone app just recently gained the ability to run multiple Android apps on Windows 10 at once. Now, one of the people behind Your Phone is teasing about resizable windows through the Your Phone app.

Vishnu Nath, the partner director of PM Microsoft Mobile & X-Device shared a screenshot from the Galaxy Z Fold 2 that he called a “teaser.”

Nath and the Your Phone team shared screenshots today to show off the app supporting multiple Android apps at once. I asked a quick question about resizable windows through Your Phone, to which Nath mentioned the teaser.

If support for resizable apps comes to Your Phone in the future, it will make Android apps feel significantly more natural on Windows 10. Many Android apps have been optimized for larger screens and resizing. Hopefully, these will be able to span and resize on Windows 10 in the future.

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