The new Galaxy Note 10 S Pen has popped up in the list of accessories available for purchase from Samsung in the United States. The redesigned S Pen carries a price of $29.99 and customers can choose between the colors Black, Silver, White, and Blue. Now, nothing is stopping you from mixing and matching the colors of your Note 10/10+ and your S Pen, so if you dislike the fact that the Aura Blue smartphone comes with a blue S Pen, you could get a differently-colored one separately.As for the Silver color option, you might be wondering what this is all about since the Galaxy Note 10 series doesn’t come with a silver stylus regardless of the phone’s color. Well, it turns out that ‘Silver’ is just the blue S Pen with a silver cap instead of a blue one. It’s the one that you get with the Aura Glow Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ out of the box.

As yet the new S Pen is not listed on Samsung UK or in the Netherlands, and it only seems to be available on the US portal. This will most likely change soon as the Galaxy Note 10 series will make its way onto store shelves in 70 countries tomorrow, August 23. You can learn more about the new S Pen’s capabilities from our hands-on experience.

Galaxy Note 10