Over the weekend, Samsung France revealed some of the features and changes that Android 9.0 Pie will bring to Samsung smartphones. One interesting little nugget in there was that Samsung Cloud can be accessed in a web browser. It’s unclear how long this has been available, but you can now manage your Samsung Cloud data using a browser on a desktop PC or laptop.Samsung Cloud management possible in a desktop browserIt’s simple, really. You just visit this website and then login with your Samsung account credentials to see all the data saved on Samsung Cloud. Much of the data, such as messages and contacts, can only be deleted from the browser. You can, however, download items such as your synced gallery pictures. Samsung’s 15GB of free storage isn’t great for backing up photos, but if you have opted for paid higher storage plans, you might like the idea of being able to download some or all of those pictures on your computer.You can access and manage your Samsung Cloud account in a browser