Xiaomi VP teases zoom camera on Xiaomi Mi 10 with two camera samples

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“It snowed in Beijing, by the way, the new phone works great,” writes Xiaomi VP and Redmi brand General Manager Lu Weibing. The attached photos are not full resolution, but they show an impressive zoom range.

Which “new phone”? It’s probably the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (or possibly the non-Pro version). We know the phone will have a 108MP main camera, but there are no reliable rumors on the zoom camera – it may borrow the 5x zoom cam from the Mi Note 10 or use a different module. Unfortunately, there’s no EXIF info in the photo files so there’s no way to tell.

Xiaomi Mi 10 zoom demo Xiaomi Mi 10 zoom demo
Xiaomi Mi 10 zoom demo

There’s also a Redmi K30 Pro on the way, but current evidence suggests that that phone will stick to the K30 camera setup, which features a 64MP main camera and no telephoto.

Xiaomi is expected to unveil the new Mi 10 models on February 14 (Friday next week). The Redmi K30 Pro may be announced this month as well. Knowing the company, we’ll get a lot of teasers and official details over the next few days for its upcoming phones.

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