Xiaomi CC9 Launch

Xiaomi has always been prolific when it comes to the mobile business. Even if Huawei took its crown a few years ago, the brand has remained busy, launching new phones here and there. It has also evolved into an important lifestyle brand with several smart home products and gadgets available for consumers. A couple of days ago, we learned the Xiaomi Mi Max and Redmi Note series are about to end. It’s definitely happening but Xiaomi will be introducing a new one.

The Xiaomi CC will be the Chinese tech giant’s newest phone series. It was presented recently and we saw the phone’s first promo video. This sub-brand is said to be a product of the Meitu acquisition but there is no official confirmation yet.

Xiaomi CC phones may soon be out in the market. There’s the Xiaomi CC and the Xiaomi CC9 phones as teased by images that surfaced online. We’re looking at “Colorful & Creative” and “Chic & Cool” smartphones that are ready to make waves not only in China but also in key markets where Xiaomi is sold.

Chinese OEM wants to target the younger generation with the Mi CC phones. The devices are said to be trendy yet affordable so more can avail them. The CC branding could also mean Camera and Camera. It means the Xiaomi phone will be camera-centric with the possibility of more powerful dual cameras on both rear and front.

Xiaomi is also working on the software. It knows very well that hardware and components aren’t enough. The OS and software matter so they need to work on them. Posted on Weibo are some sample photos taken using the Xiaomi CC:

Not many details have been provided about the Xiaomi CC but we know the company hired a team of young creative professionals to work on the CC. The group is mainly tasked to design a phone that will target the younger generation with features and functions that really matter.