It’s not the first time we hear something about a Chinese company ripping off somebody’s work – as Jeremy Clarkson once put it, “copyright infringment doesn’t translate terribly well in Mandarin”. Also, Xiaomi has been open about following Apple’s marketing strategy and design for years.

Yet now that the company has outgrown that phase it’s somewhat disappointing to learn Xiaomi took Peter Tarka’s work (a 3D artist) without permission. To make matters worse, the image was actually commissioned by its rival LG.

You can see the two images below and how (almost) identical they are. Some of the ramps have been removed to make room for Xiaomi’s products but the resemblance is too great to be coincidental.

Original Xioami's promotional image
Original • Xioami’s promotional image

The images were used in Xiaomi’s official Spanish webpage but have been removed since.

And here are some other elements that Xiaomi used like the chair in the left image and the lamp in the right one. Colors have been tweaked but the design is the same.

Promo images for LG\s signature series products Promo images for LG\s signature series products
Promo images for LG’s signature series products