Xbox Series X prototype leaks, reveals ports

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The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s next-generation console that allegedly features 12 teraflops of computing power. In comparison, the PlayStation 5 is rumored to only contain around 9 teraflops. Everyone wants to know what the device looks like from the back and Windows Central was able to shed some light on that, but seeing photos of the actual console is a better experience.

Today, Twitter user @Doug_DragoX posted images of the front and back of a prototype Xbox Series X. It’s unclear where he got them from, but our guess would be that it was probably handed out to a developer. Hopefully, Microsoft will comment on the leak.

As we confirmed a few weeks ago, the front of the Xbox Series X features one USB port, while the back supports two. As expected, the HDMI-in port has been removed, and now there’s just one HDMI-out port to connect to your TV or other display. The other large port seems like it’s used for debugging purposes, but you never know. Microsoft should show us a retail unit so that we know what it is.

Are you excited for the Xbox Series X? Will you upgrade it over the Xbox One X? Let us know.

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