Xbox Series X ports include USB-C, HDMI passthrough, and more

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With CES 2020 underway in the heart of Las Vegas, AMD kicked off its annual press conference highlighting its various partners, including a spotlight on Microsoft’s own AMD devices. Accompanying the AMD chips in Microsoft Surface, the bulk of efforts lie with Microsoft’s Xbox console family, including the Xbox One, and the upcoming next-generation Xbox Series X.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X last year, providing an overview of the console exterior, with a brief tease of hardware specifications. The reveal provided the first look at a new monolithic PC tower-styled casing, alongside a new single-fan cooling system, and redesigned Xbox controller.

Xbox Series X Ports at AMD CES 2020

Xbox Series X Ports at AMD CES 2020

Xbox Series X features USB-C connectivity and dual HDMI ports, via AMD’s CES 2020 press conference.Source: AMD

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However, Microsoft made an effort to obstruct the system ports and dimensions, only featuring a single forward-facing USB Type-A port, akin to existing Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles. AMD’s opening sizzler has now provided a fresh angle on Xbox Series X, confirming the final ports list for the next-generation device.

Xbox Series X will boast dual USB Type-C ports on the rear, including the assumed benefits of increased transfer speeds and higher power capacity. Two HDMI ports also feature, confirming the return of HDMI passthrough, a signature of the existing Xbox One lineup. Ethernet, SPDIF digital audio, and the former shotgun power connector also return.

Xbox Series X is slated for a holiday 2020 debut, with pricing yet to be confirmed.

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