Xbox Insiders get HDR calibration tool on Xbox One S and X

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Today, many Xbox Insiders noticed that the new preview build, possibly just for Alpha and Alpha – Skip Ahead insiders, featured a new high dynamic range (HDR) lighting calibration tool. You can take a look at the image taken by Twitter user @EvilBoris below. The “Uncalibrated Image” looks more washed out than the “Calibrated Image.” This should definitely come in handy when you’re dealing with finicky games like Monster Hunter World.

Right now, only the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X support HDR. So you may need one of those two consoles to access this feature. It won’t work with the regular Xbox One because it doesn’t have the capacity to render HDR through its HDMI port.

Are you excited to use this feature? Do you have issues with HDR in some games? Let us know. I’ve found that a lot of the games I play on Xbox One X are a little too dark, so this should help with that.

Huge shoutout to @EvilBoris on Twitter for the tip.

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