Today, Microsoft detailed when its E3 2019 media briefing would take place. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, you can probably secure tickets for June 9. However, the rest of us will probably be watching the livestream on June 9 at 4 PM EDT.

Aside from upcoming exclusives, Microsoft will probably showcase the next-generation Xbox. Today, Sony revealed the PlayStation 5’s (PS5) specifications, and it’s quite powerful. Aside from featuring an 8-core processor and next-generation graphics card, it also has a solid state drive and other technology which enhances audio. Microsoft has a lot to prove during its reveal.

The company said the following about its E3 2019 plans. There’s a lot going on, especially if you’re a fan of the gaming brand and attending the event.

E3 is just under two months away and we’ve got a great show lined up for gaming fans around the world. From our briefing to our fan events, the Xbox Experience to the Xbox Official Gear Shop, this will be our biggest E3 presence ever, and we can’t wait to share more about what we’ve got up our sleeves for the future… We’ll be kicking things off with our annual Xbox E3 2019 Briefing, which you can watch live beginning on Sunday, June 9 at 4 PM EDT… you’ll have a chance to check out everything from trailers for unannounced titles coming in 2019 and beyond… You can watch the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing live… on the official Xbox Mixer Channel.

Hopefully Microsoft will blow people away with the next-generation machines. Instead of just one console which seems to be Sony’s strategy, the Xbox “Scarlett” will feature two. Xbox “Lockhart” will be the entry-level model, and the Xbox “Anaconda” will be the Xbox One X successor we’ve all been waiting for. However, it’s unclear if Xbox Anaconda will be more powerful than the PS5, but given the fact that it’s supposed to be a high-end model, Microsoft probably isn’t holding back due to price constraints.

Are you excited for E3 2019? What do you want to see from Microsoft and the next-generation machines? Let us know.

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