Works with Google Assistant platform

The Google Nest rebrand announced earlier this month got some consumers questioning what would happen to the Works with Nest. Some are worried Google would cut off the program, leaving a number of smart home users questioning the company’s decision. There won’t be a shutdown as Google just affirmed the public. In fact, updates are available. It’s true though, Works with Nest (WWN) program will no longer be supported beginning August 31. This means you still have three months to transition to the new platform.

The latest platform is the Works with Google Assistant (WWGA). It’s basically the same but will include more developments made with other third-party connected home devices. Developers can now work on a single platform to come up with more smart home improvements.

Google is definitely retiring WWN. The tech giant is planning on how to properly and efficiently transition to the new program. Google wants to clarify some things to ensure people that there’s nothing to worry about.

Your Nest Account will still work with currrent devices and integrations. A Google Account is recommended though because it allows compelte access to new features.

Starting August 31, 2019, Google will no longer accept new WWN connections. If you’re on WWN, you can migrate to WWGA. We suggest you move from a Nest to a Google Account so you won’t experience any issue.

At the moment, WWGA works with more than 30,000 devices and over 3,500 partners. Assistant Routines is integrated, thanks to the Google Assistant. This makes customization easier for most smart devices.

Automatic trigger routines may be added to the Google Assistant in the near feature. More device options can also be expected. Setup and managing Routines will also be easier now.

Amazon integration may also be expected as such improves the connected ecosystems. Other partners will also offer similar custom integrations.