Tomorrow, on October 11, Samsung will take the stage in Malaysia to unveil a new phone that might have four rear cameras. That’s right, four cameras on the back, something we haven’t seen even on phones from Chinese OEMs yet. The phone is pretty much confirmed to be the Galaxy A9 thanks to leaks and rumors. It will reportedly have an ultra-wide lens and a 2x zoom lens at the back, in addition to a primary 24MP camera and a 5MP depth sensor.Samsung phone with four cameras almost hereOfficial details on the Galaxy A9’s cameras and other features will be revealed tomorrow at Samsung’s ‘4x the fun’ event. We will have boots on the ground to bring you live updates from the event, and, as expected, the event will be live streamed for the entire world. But where exactly will you be able to watch that event? As usual, Samsung will be streaming it on its official website. A YouTube stream will most likely be available as well, and we will add the link to that stream in this post once it goes live.Let us know if you are you looking forward to Samsung’s four-camera smartphone down in the comments. And do check out our review of the new Galaxy A7, Samsung’s first phone with three rear cameras.