WhatsApp View Once disappearing photo/videos land on Samsung phones

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp continues to expand its feature set for the billions of people across the globe that use this cross-platform messaging app. The new WhatsApp View Once feature brings disappearing photos and videos to your chats.

This feature was first made available in the beta version of WhatsApp a few months ago. It has been rolled out for everyone today and yes, that includes the owners of Samsung phones as well.

Send self-destructing photos and videos via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a great many features to its name. The features include but are not limited to WhatsApp Web, group video calls, live location sharing and more. WhatsApp View Once is a great new addition to the feature set.

View Once photos and videos have now been rolled out for all WhatsApp users. They can use it to send photos and videos that will automatically disappear from the chat after they have been opened.

It’s a great privacy feature to secure sensitive information like a Wi-Fi password, for example, or photos or videos that you want the recipient to see only once. To use this feature, just tap on the “1” button on the left of the send button when sending a photo or video in a chat.

All media sent through the WhatsApp View Once feature is secured with end-to-end encryption. This means that WhatsApp can’t see what’s being shared.

The recipient will see it’s a disappearing photo when they receive it and it will be deleted automatically after they have seen it. There’s obviously nothing stopping them from taking a screenshot or recording their phone with another device, but that’s a whole other discussion.

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