Apple’s is far and away the leading smartwatch brand according to the latest NPD data, so what business opportunity does the device offer to your enterprise?

How does your business measure success?

You have to think a little about what success means for your business. There are different ways to measure it.

When it comes to Apple Watch, we’ve seen dozens of watchOS apps appear and disappear since its launch, but I don’t believe that the business opportunity is defined entirely by the fate of consumer-focused apps.

I think it is worth asking if your business can make a business proposition from the location, activity, biometric and collaboration features the Apple smartwatch provides.

One good example of how these features can be used to realize a business proposition can be seen in the health sector. I’d argue that health insurance firms are at the current cutting-edge of realizing the business opportunity of the device.

These health-related deployments use a combination of location, activity sensors and Apple’s own Health app to achieve their business outcomes.