To help make life better for you, my loyal readers, I suffer by running Windows 7 and 10 on two harmless — never hurt anyone in their lives — PCs. Well, I did. But, in the last week I ran into not one, but two, showstopper update bugs.

First, on Windows 10, I was one of those “lucky” people who had files vaporize when I “updated” to Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809). Because I only use Windows for trivial tasks, I didn’t lose anything valuable when the patch decided to erase everything in the My Documents folder.

Somehow, I think most Windows users use Windows for more important work than I do. I hope you have current backups. At least Computerworld’s Woody Leonhard has some good news: You can get those deleted files back.

The story, Microsoft now admits, is that the 1809 release erases, for some people, all files in the \Documents, \Pictures, \Music, and \Videos folders. The folders are still there, but nothing’s left in them. It’s sort of the neutron bomb of Windows updates.

How could this happen? Seriously, how can you have a release that does this to users? Where was the quality assurance team? Where were all those Windows 10 Insider Preview users? Oh, wait. The brave beta users had seen this problem! ZDNet’s Ed Bott reported last week that he’d found a report from three months ago from a tester who said that “my Documents folder had been overwritten with a new Documents folder, complete with custom icon. All contents were gone.”

Once more, and with feeling: WTH, Microsoft!