What is the release date for Windows 11?

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Windows 11 LeakSource: Windows Central

Microsoft is expected to unveil its next generation of Windows on June 24, but with today’s leak of an internal build, we are already learning a lot.

It is going to be called Windows 11, and it brings many of the UI changes that we saw earlier with the now-defunct Windows 10X.

But when can you get an officially sanctioned (not bootleg) version of Windows 11 to run on your PC?

There are likely two answers. Here is why.

Public betas

Windows 11 for Windows Insiders: Summer 2021

On June 24, Microsoft is not only going to show all the details around Windows 11 – including things we may not yet see in today’s leak – but also release dates.

Following precedent and current trends in the software business, Microsoft is highly likely to announce that Windows 11 will be open to Windows Insiders either starting that very day or soon after that.

Think of it as the Windows 11 Public Beta.

Questions will remain, of course, like which Insider Channels. The Insider Dev Channel is the most obvious first choice, with Beta Channel coming later this summer and Release Preview heading into the fall.

It is also not clear which PCs will get Windows 11 for early testing or if Microsoft will let any Insider PC join. Historically, it has been open to any Windows PC, which is likely to carry over with Windows 11.

One thing we are confident in stating is, if you want Windows 11 officially in early beta this summer, you’ll likely have your wish.

For everyone else

Windows 11 General Release: October 2021

Windows 11 Screenshot

Source: Windows Central

For those wanting the official, stable, and consumer-ready version of Windows 11 you also won’t have long to wait. While some are thinking Windows 11 will not come out until 2022, everything we hear suggests otherwise.

Windows 11 should be shipping sometime in October of this year. Yes, the new OS is that far along in development where it is just months – not a year – away from shipping.

The Windows 11 update is anticipated to be free for all Windows 10 users.

Of course, like any significant update to Windows (up until now, twice a year), users can postpone installing the OS. How long Microsoft will let users do that won’t be known until later. You can see how the system currently works for postponing Windows 10 updates. We expect something similar for Windows 11, and it may be even more lenient.

We are also hearing that there will be a general Windows 10 21H2 release, implying Microsoft will let some stick with Windows 10 for a more extended period before jumping to the new OS. Again, how long that will last and how long Windows 10 will be supported (right now, through October 2025) remains to be seen.

Citing precedent, Microsoft typically is not a fan of forcing people onto new versions of its operating system, instead preferring to give users more freedom and space. But if you buy a new PC towards the end of 2021, there’s an excellent chance it will come only with Windows 11.

More on Windows 11

Windows 11 Screenshot

Source: Windows Central

Windows 11 is going to be one of the biggest releases for Windows in over a decade. While the recent leak gives us a good look at what to expect, there are still many questions and unknown details. These will be revealed in the coming weeks and months as Microsoft officially discloses the OS, which we’ll be covering in great detail.

For now, stick to our main Windows 11: Release date, price, and everything you need to know page to keep up with the latest news and updates.

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