The Huawei Mate 20 X is emerging as a fan-favorite gaming phone, if the comments in last week’s poll are anything to go by. The phone got a strongly positive result, 75/25 in favor.

Many commented on its size – it sure is huge with a 7.2” screen – and the 1080p+ resolution is great for gaming. But perhaps not so great for use as a graphics tab, the M-Pen stylus didn’t get many supporters, anyway.

Many complained about the NM cards, but that’s not an issue limited to just the Mate 20 X. We’re willing to bet that the upcoming P30 flagship will use NM too (perhaps that can bring some popularity to the brand new standard).

While Huawei has a number of MediaPad tablets, the Mate 20 X could offer the best of both worlds – almost as portable as a phone, almost as big as a tablet. And with flagship chipset and camera, which the MediaPads don’t get.