Watch this 8K video from the Samsung Galaxy S20+ shot in the Arctic Circle

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The intrepid team at Christou Visuals took a Samsung Galaxy S20+ to the Arctic circle to shoot some stunning visuals around the Lofoten archipelago. The S20+ and its siblings were the first to launch with 8K video capture capabilities.

The team relied on the default camera app to record the video above, though a gimbal was used for some shots (Samsung’s revamped Super Steady Video mode tops out at 4K, up from 1080p on the S10 generation). And, obviously, the soundtrack was added in post.

Lofoten is one of the northernmost populated regions, lying 169km inside the Arctic Circle and 2,420km away from the North Pole. And it looks beautiful – we kind of regret not having an 8K TV handy to enjoy the footage in full resolution. Actually, does anyone have an 8K TV?

Anyway, head over to our Samsung Galaxy S20 review for more details on the camera. It uses the same hardware as the S20+ and both are different from the Ultra – using the 64MP module that also doubles as a zoom camera.


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