Watch How We Make Minecraft’s second episode to learn about crafting

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Minecraft is a massive game played by literally hundreds of millions of people, but at times it can seem like an enigma, especially to newcomers who aren’t familiar with Minecraft’s long and nuanced history. That’s where How We Make Minecraft, a comedic YouTube series from creators Mojang Studios, comes in. This insightful video series seeks to educate players on the various parts of creating Minecraft in a funny and engaging manner, and now episode two is out for your viewing pleasure.

Crafting a Crafting System goes over exactly what it says on the tin, discussing the crafting system that’s been in place in Minecraft since (almost) the beginning. Why crafting is important, how the crafting system in Minecraft was designed to be accessible and logical, and how this crafting system differentiates Minecraft from other games that wishes they were as big as, well, Minecraft. If you’re a fan of Minecraft, I definitely suggest giving it a look, as the series does a great job of going through a decent amount of information in a way that anyone can understand. And you may get a couple chuckles out of it as well.

Watch the video and then let us know what you thought! Did you learn anything new? Is How We Make Minecraft doing a good job at educating with humor? Let us know in the comments below!

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Minecraft is an inarguable and complete success. It has sold copies in the hundreds of millions, has a huge following of dedicated players, and lets you unlock your every creative desire. It’s also available on every platform imaginable, including Xbox One, Windows 10, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Play with anyone, and play anywhere.

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