The Deparment of Justice is building a criminal case against telecoms company Huawei. The allegation? Stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile had sued Huawei back in 2014, claiming that the Chinese firm sent reconnaisance agents to the wireless carrier’s headquarters in Bellvue, Washington, to learn more about a smartphone testing robot called “Tappy.”

A judge ruled that Huawei did not steal trade secrets with intent or malice — the company claimed it wanted to make its own version of the robot in the hopes of bringing a phone to the network, tested to its very own standards — but did award the network just under $5 million. T-Mobile had wanted more than $500 million.

The Wall Street Journal now reports that federal agents have taken up evidence from the case and are looking to indict Huawei soon.

Huawei has decided against commenting, CNBC reports.

Amidst many controversies around the company that led to governments blockading Huawei from supplying equipment for national 5G networks, CFO Meng Wanzhou is due back in Canadian court next month. She may be extradited to the United States to face federal charges on defrauding banks with regards to trade sanction breaches — the Department of Justice has also been investigating the infractions.

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