Tips to get the best out of your Samsung Smart TV during quarantine

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Your Samsung Smart TV has likely been seeing more usage in recent weeks, but entertainment isn’t the only area wherein these devices excel. On the contrary, Samsung’s television portfolio has been equipped to handle a variety of productivity tasks, not to mention its ability to support your workouts and other health-related endeavors. Whether you’re taking full advantage of its feature range is another matter.With that in mind, here are some of the top tips for elevating your Samsung Smart TV experience to another level.Pair your Samsung TV to a smartphone, tablet, and PCAs of 2018, Samsung Smart TVs started shipping with support for Remote Access, allowing you to access your PCs, smartphones, and tablets via a Wi-Fi connection. Add a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to the mix, and you’ve got yourself an extremely convenient solution for working from the comfort of your living room.Naturally, Remote Access also streamlines a wide range of entertainment experiences like casting Netflix or Hulu from e.g. the Galaxy S20 to your Samsung Smart TV. This functionality comes on top of native support for many other popular apps like YouTube which can also be controlled from devices connected to your television set.Take a break with Ambient ModeOnce you need a break from work, why not relax with a soothing slideshow of your favorite travel photos, inspiring art pieces, or comforting landscapes? That’s where Samsung’s Ambient Mode comes in, allowing you to instantly turn your Smart TV from a productivity workhorse to a source of relaxation. This feature can also utilize the bezel-less design of contemporary Samsung televisions to blend them into their environments. In other words, it’s something you’ll certainly appreciate whenever you decide to take a breather.Stay active with Samsung HealthThe newest addition to this feature list is a version of Samsung Health designed for the company’s Smart TV range. While the service won’t be officially released until May, you can already experience some of its features by downloading half a dozen fitness apps it’s set to integrate, including those from Echelon, barre3, and Jillian Michaels Fitness. The availability of individual solutions depends on the market, but most of the apps can already be downloaded in North America and Europe.Discover tons of free content with Samsung TV PlusFinally, let’s not forget about the core functionality of Samsung Smart TVs – their ability to serve as versatile home entertainment hubs. Nothing underlines that trait more than Samsung TV Plus, a free service pre-installed on all Smart TVs from the company released in the West from 2016 onwards. The platform currently offers programming spanning more than a 100 channels of all kinds. It’s even in the works for mobile devices, as SamMobile exclusively reported earlier this week.Samsung TV Plus continuously receives new content updates, including not just live television but on-demand videos, as well. Its programming scope will depend on your exact location, but the general idea is that there’s something for everyone to enjoy, so make sure to give it a look if you haven’t already.

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