This Galaxy A52 case might be more profitable than the phone itself

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The Galaxy A52 leaks are out in full force by now, though that isn’t to say Samsung can no longer surprise us. Sure, its next mid-range smartphone happens to be all over the place lately. Not to mention that it’s all but confirmed to be debuting at quite a reasonable price, as well. Given the extreme competitiveness in this price range, Samsung likely won’t be collecting a sizable profit margin on the Galaxy A52.

Yet the same can’t be said about the newly sighted protective case for the device, featured above. Thanks to a premature product listing from Estonia, we have a pretty good idea of how Samsung intends to price the first-party accessories for the Galaxy A52.

How much are you willing to pay for a Samsung first-party case?

At just under €34 ($40), including a 9% VAT rate, this ordinary-looking Clear Standing Cover will seemingly be priced in the ballpark of its Galaxy S21+ counterpart. And while it’s definitely too early to claim this with certainty, the chance that Samsung might end up pocketing more from the official Galaxy A52 case sales than the actual smartphone makes on a per-unit basis is… still well within the scope of mathematical possibility.

Meanwhile, other recent leaks suggest the Galaxy A52 will be hitting the market in four color options, depending on the market. Some of those might also be exclusive to the 5G version of the device that’s also on its way. Either way, this value-oriented mid-ranger is likely to show itself in a formal capacity by the end of the month, which Samsung has been planing for a year and a half, at this point.

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