Think this secret Galaxy Labs menu in Samsung Gallery is secret enough?

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The latest version of the Samsung Gallery Android app comes packaged with a somewhat-secret Galaxy Labs menu listing quite a few fun featurettes. And as you might have guessed, Samsung’s devs did not fare too well at avoiding detection. But it’s dubious how low-key this experimental addition was meant to be in the first place. Because from the looks of things, it’s available within every regular, non-beta version of Samsung Gallery from Android 10 onward. I.e., starting with One UI 2.5.

While it’s possible someone at Samsung merged the wrong code repo branch, this inclusion is likely very much intentional. And assuming you have a Galaxy device released within the last three or so years, you should be able to check it out yourself.

How to enable the latest experimental features in Samsung Gallery?

To do so, launch the stock Gallery app on your smartphone or tablet, bring up its bottom toolbar by tapping the hamburger menu, and go to Settings. Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap the penultimate section that says About Gallery.

This is where you do the big hacking part by repeatedly tapping the version number below the Gallery header. This one right here:

A system-wide prompt will helpfully count down the seconds until the deed is done. Go back to the previous screen and you should see a new menu item, Gallery Labs, at the bottom of the app’s settings. We’ll soon be doing an in-depth look at this feature list but check it out yourself in the meantime. There’s a bunch of cool mobile photography ideas hiding in there, so hopefully, at least some of them make it to an official release.

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