These great gaming keyboards all cost less than $100

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Best Gaming Keyboards for Under $100 Windows Central 2020

PC gaming is a potentially expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s entirely possible to work on a tight budget and still create an epic setup that’ll give you thousands of hours of gaming bliss. This is true of keyboards, too. You can spend a fortune, but you don’t have to. We set a limit of $100 and selected the best keyboards you can get within that budget.

If we had to choose…

Right now, the Razer BlackWidow Lite is one of our favorite keyboards at any price. The Razer orange switches are a delight to type and game on, with a nice tactile bump without the loud click. It’s compact, so great for the traveling gamer, has a detachable cable, and thanks to the neat trick of Hypershift, you can add custom functions and macros to any key on it.

The BlackWidow Lite is also really well priced, just as is the Corsair K63. Corsair keyboards are always excellent, and the K63 packs great switches with a compact design, without going overboard on the LED lighting.

The VicTsing mechanical keyboard is also well worth consideration. We’ve long been impressed by the quality this affordable brand offers in its gaming hardware, and the addition of enough waterproofing to save it from drowning under a cup of coffee is undoubtedly enough to make us take notice.

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