While many apps are free or only a few dollars, some more powerful apps can creep up in price range. Thankfully, the Microsoft Store features frequent sales. This week you can save big on a photo editor, news reader, video editor, and more.

Editing photos

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019

Photoshop Elements isn’t as powerful as its larger sibling Photoshop, but it’s more than enough for many casual photo editors. It’s usually $100 so you can save $30 this week. As an added bonus, it doesn’t have a subscription like the full Photoshop, so once you purchase it, it’s yours to keep.

$70 at Microsoft

Organizing thoughts

Mind Maps Pro

Mind Maps Pro is a thought organizer that allows you to create complex thought webs on an infinite blank canvas. It’s easy to use and easily converts between different viewing modes to help you organize your thoughts. You can save almost half of the app’s normal price this week thanks to the sale.

$11 at Microsoft

Reading the news

Nextgen Reader

Nextgen Reader is one of the best RSS clients in the Microsoft Store. It requires a Feedly subscription to login and then lays your favorite news stories out in a clean interface. This sale ends soon but saves you 50% off the normal list price.

$3 at Microsoft

Bundling apps

Finebits app pack

Finebits is an app pack that includes 8 Zip Pro, Torrex Pro, and all the Pro versions of Finebits products. Additionally, you get access to all new Finebits products when they come out. This collection of apps usually retails at $38 so saving $18 is a relatively large discount.

$10 at Microsoft

Editing videos

PowerDirector 17 Standard

This professional-grade video editors is the next iteration of a long line of video editors from Cyberlink. It’s a powerful video editor that handles multi-layered editing but doesn’t require a subscription. PowerDirector 17 is cheaper than many video editors, but an additional $14 off doesn’t hurt.

$56 at Microsoft

Playing media

Scorpio Player

Scorpio player is a sophisticated media player that’s available on Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality and Xbox One. It has an incredible feature list that includes streaming from a variety of sources and controlling the media player with your phone. At 80% off, this is one of the largest sales of the week.

$3 at Microsoft

The Microsoft Store has at least a few good apps on sale just about every week. One of the best deals this week is Scorpio Player which is 80% off and a solid media player. Adobe Photoshop Elements is also a good deal if you’re looking for a new photo editor.

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