These are all the best AMD Ryzen-powered laptops

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Best AMD Ryzen Laptops Windows Central 2019

When you’re buying a new laptop, the majority of the selection in front of you will be powered by Intel processors or a combination of Intel processors and NVIDIA dedicated graphics. AMD’s Ryzen APU doesn’t find its way into nearly as many, and that’s a shame because overall, an AMD powered laptop represents an excellent value package, especially with its Radeon Vega integrated graphics.

If we had to choose…

Ryzen powered laptops often slip under the radar, but the truth is there are some fantastic laptops out there powered by AMD. Currently, we’d happily recommend the Huawei MateBook D to anyone specifically looking for a Ryzen laptop, and, frankly, anyone who wasn’t that bothered with what’s inside. It looks great; it’s beautifully made, powerful, and quite affordable given the package it presents.

Intel and NVIDIA might still be the preferred choice for the majority of laptop gamers, but ignoring the goliath that is the Predator Helios 500 is a mistake. This doesn’t use watered-down laptop parts; it instead throws a full eight-core desktop Ryzen 7 inside with a Vega 56 GPU. Don’t ask what the battery life is (wise advice for any gaming laptop), but this truly is a desktop gaming PC that you can toss in your bag.

Budget buyers aren’t left out either, with excellent laptops like the IdeaPad 330S delivering equal performance to much more expensive laptops, but at a price more agreeable to budget buyers, perhaps even for education or general home use with the kids.

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