There it is: Galaxy J2 Core starts receiving April 2021 security update

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The Galaxy J2 Core is the newest Samsung smartphone to receive the April 2021 update. Or rather: the first to start receiving, that is. This particular software bundle is identified by PDA version J260T1UVS8AUD1. That very name already suggests there’s more to be had here than just last month’s security patch level. Either way, the said Galaxy J2 Core firmware release has just been encountered in the United States earlier today.

More countries are expected to follow in the days ahead. As for the right here and now, this appears to be on of the last Samsung devices to receive the security patch level dated April 1st, 2021. But it’s also a 2018 product that cost in the ballpark of $100 when it released. Try finding one entry-level smartphone in that price range that’s still receiving regular security updates and isn’t made by Samsung.

Is the April 2021 security update live in your area by now?

Not too keen on waiting and you’d rather just cut to the chase? Well, you can attempt doing just that if you go to Settings > Software update > Download and install. Alternatively, our firmware archives already offer complete Galaxy J2 Core system images containing the April 2021 security update. You know, just in case you’re ready to get your hands dirty and flash the latest software to your device the good old manual way.

In related news, Samsung’s Chinese rivals are still promising they’ll start keeping their flagship products updated for longer than a few moments. So, keep that in mind whenever someone suggests you might save a couple of bucks by going with a different brand. It’s all factored in, peace of mind included.

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