The Xbox Seagate USB HDD (4TB) is currently $50 cheaper for Cyber Monday!

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While the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S require a special $220 Seagate memory card for just 1TB of additional storage, you can still use USB devices to archive games and move them in and out of the Xbox’s main NVME storage. And for Cyber Monday, there are some great deals on large storage solutions for Xbox, and indeed, any console or PC with a USB port.

The excellent Xbox-branded 4TB Seagate Game Drive is enjoying one of its lowest prices yet, with a $50 time-limited saving.

Archive the games

Seagate Game Drive 4TB

A huge storage solution

The Seagate Game Drive might not be fast enough to run next-gen games, but you can still use it to store them, so you don’t have to re-download them again and again.

The Seagate Game Drive offer here for Cyber Monday gives you a massive amount of storage for a relatively low price. Four terabytes are enough to store dozens and dozens of games, saving you from having to re-download them over and over.

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The read speed on this game drive is 140MB/s, which isn’t fast enough to run games designed for the Xbox Series S or X, but with USB 3.0, it’s fast enough to ensure that transferring them over to the native Xbox Series X/S storage should prove way faster than simply re-downloading the game. You can, however, run Xbox One games from this HDD, as they’re designed for this style of mechanical storage.

Seagate Game Drive

Source: Windows Central

Despite having Xbox branding, this storage device can be used on practically anything. Plug it into a PC or a laptop, and you can use it as regular HDD storage like a large USB stick. However, it cannot be used as both Xbox and PC storage at the same time, and will require a full wipe and reformat if you plan to repurpose it.

The design of the HDD is quite nice, with an Xbox-style limit color, complete with an embossed Xbox logo for some added flair. Even if you’re not planning to use it yourself, it could make a nice gift for an Xbox fan or collector.

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