The second episode of Night City Wire for Cyberpunk 2077 is August 10

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It’s been a hot minute since we last received new info regarding Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s all about to change. CD Projekt Red just announced on Twitter that their ambitious sci-fi open-world RPG is going to be featured in a second episode of Night City Wire, which will be steamed on their Twitch channel on Monday, August 10, 2020 at 6 pm CEST (or 12 pm ET). If you’re interested in this game, you definitely won’t want to miss this.

Night City Wire episode two will discuss new gameplay elements of Cyberpunk 2077, including the various life paths that players can choose when creating their characters, some of the many weapons we can expect to see and be able to use in the game, and how real-life band Refused accomplished their transformation into in-game band SAMURAI.

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I’m particularly interested in the life paths, which are different origin stories you can choose from when you create an epic character, and will affect dialogue options, character interactions, and even missions. We’ve known about this for a while, but details thus far have been shaky. Hopefully CD Projekt Red will drop all the details on August 10, while we wait until November for the game’s (hopeful) release.

Are you going to tune into Night City Wire episode two? Let us know in the comments below! The previous Night City Wire broadcast showed off Braindancing gameplay. Cyberpunk 2077 is set to release on November 19 for Xbox One, PC, Stadia and PS4, with free Xbox Series X and PS5 upgrades coming after launch.

A dark and gritty world

Cyberpunk 2077

The standard for next-gen.

Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest project from CD Projekt Red, the developers behind the Witcher 3. To follow up the game that defined a generation of gaming, Cyberpunk 2077 needed to be huge, ambitious, and captivating. Every indication says that CD Projekt Red is posed to repeat history with their sci-fi, open-world RPG adventure.

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