The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is outselling the vanilla model 10:1 in China

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Samsung may not enjoy great sales in China in general, but a couple of thousand buyers should still offer a reliable enough statistic about the popularity of the new Note phones – the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G outsold its vanilla sibling 10:1 as @IceUniverse spotted.

This is based on the sales at, which lists the number of units sold. The data shows that the Ultra currently stands at just over 2,200 sales while the Galaxy Note20 5G is still in the 200 range. sales numbers: Galaxy Note20 Ultra, around 2,200 sales numbers: vanilla Note20, just over 220 sales numbers: Galaxy Note20 Ultra, around 2,200 • vanilla Note20, just over 220

There’s quite the difference in price between the two, CNY 9,200 vs. CNY 7,400, but the premium pricing isn’t scaring people off – instead, it’s the uninspiring specs of the vanilla model that are turning people away.

Analysts will be keeping an eye on sales and should be reporting soon on which of the two Note20 models is more popular. Will the 10:1 ratio remain true even in the Western markets?


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