The PlayStation 5 will soon support Samsung’s awesome NVMe SSDs

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According to Samsung, PlayStation 5 (PS5) owners should “soon” have the option of expanding the storage of their console through the M.2 slot that’s been lying dormant since the console’s release — at least for PS5 consoles that don’t run beta firmware.

Sony enabled the M.2 expansion slot through a beta firmware update a couple of months ago, but of course, not every PS5 owner is willing to turn their console into a beta testing machine. Sony has yet to reveal when this long-awaited feature will exit the beta stages and go live to the public, but Samsung seems confident it will happen “soon.” Or at least, soon enough that the company felt like reminding customers of the 980 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD and why it’s the perfect choice for PS5 owners.

You’ll be able to play games off the PS5’s M.2 storage slot

We have heard before that the M.2 storage expansion slot will be enabled this summer through a firmware update, and we don’t have to remind you that the end of the summer is almost here. In other words, the feature could soon exit the beta stages and reach PS5s around the world. Once the update goes live, it will allow PS5 users to store and play games off the M.2 SSD, which is a pretty big deal given the steep storage requirements of modern games.

If you are considering an SSD upgrade, the Samsung 980 PRO is indeed a great choice, as it comes in a variety of storage options, and more importantly, it’s fast enough to match — and even surpass — the PS5’s on-board storage.

The 980 PRO SSD was released a year ago with 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB of storage. A 2TB model got introduced earlier this year, and bargain hunters can often find the SSD at discounted prices.

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