The Meshlicious PC case has three mesh panels to improve airflow

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SSUPD introduced the Meshlicious PC case this week. It’s an ITX case that’s built in collaboration with Ncase. It features three full mesh panels to help improve airflow for your PC while also having a unique look. The Meshlicious is available for preorder in matte black and white finishes starting at $110. The Meshlicious should be available starting mid-March.

Many of the best PC cases) have closed panels or tempered glass sides. The Meshlicious takes a different approach, which emphasizes airflow.

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The standard Meshlicious PC case has three mesh panels and a tempered glass panel, but you can choose to get a fourth 1mm steel full mesh panel if you’d like. This completes the mesh look of the PC case while also improving airflow.

Accessories for the Meshlicious will be available in mid-March, including the additional mesh panel, an HDMI/Displayport cable, and a PCIe 4.0/3.0 riser cable.

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