The iPhone 13 has better storage choices than your Galaxy S21

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Apple announced the iPhone 13 today. The iPhone 13 comes in four models: The iPhone 13 mini, the regular iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Rumor had it that Apple would finally be ditching the 64GB storage tier for its iPhones this year, effectively bringing them on par with Samsung’s flagship phones.

Now, it’s official: All iPhone 13 models come with a minimum of 128GB of storage. All models also come in 256GB and 512GB configurations, while the Pro and Pro Max can be purchased with up to 1TB of storage. And that means that Apple is now offering you a better deal/more choices when it comes to storage capacity than Samsung.

The shoe’s on the other foot

Samsung has made plenty of decisions that have outraged its fans in recent years. Removing the headphone jack after mocking Apple for doing the same, for one. And this year, Samsung removed the microSD slot on its Galaxy S line with the Galaxy S21 series of phones.

The company also stopped providing a 1TB variant of its flagships back in 2019. Right now, the company’s non-Ultra Galaxy S phones and the Galaxy Z Flip series only let you choose between 128GB and 256GB configurations while the Ultra models and Galaxy Z Fold series go up to a maximum of 512GB.

Samsung is probably not bringing the microSD slot back to its flagships, partly because of the partnership it has with Microsoft that includes pushing its customers to use OneDrive cloud storage. It could reintroduce the 1TB option with the Galaxy S22 series for those who want to have as much local storage as possible, though we’re not too hopeful.

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