Getting good at writing – any writing – has significant benefits. This is particularly true for college students. Like with anything else, the more a person writes, the better he or she gets at it. In academic terms, that means getting progressively better grades on essays and term papers. In real-world terms, the benefits reach even further.

Many of those benefits can be actualized through blogging. Like any other kind of writing, blogging sharpens skills that can be applied to various areas of life. Here are just a few – but some of the most rewarding (and possibly unexpected) – of those benefits.

#1: A Better, Broader Vocabulary

 Blogging is a great way to build a bigger vocabulary and learn how to use the words you’re learning. No one wants to read copy that is rife with repeated words or phrases, or that has other expressive limits that make reading it monotonous. A good blogger learns a variety of synonymous words and phrases that keep the messaging of the blog fresh and interesting for the reader.

If you find that you repeat words often while blogging, a trip to sites like and can be beneficial. Both sites can help broaden your vocabulary by revealing the various contextual meanings of words as well as their most relevant synonyms in the context of the subject.

#2: Better Grades

 One of the more serendipitous benefits of blogging is that your writing will improve overall. That means better grades on papers and essays and less time spent laboring overwritten assignments. If your academic writing still needs a boost, you can always seek out help from a paper writing service like this one.  A professional writing service can help you get over a few academic hurdles and fill the void until you get good enough at your craft to go it alone.

#3: Improved Written Communication Skills

 This is a life skill that few people ever adequately develop. The ability to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas are all at the heart of good blogging. Those skills will come in very handy when engaging in other real-world situations as well. Being able to collect your thoughts well in writing can open doors to both academic and professional opportunities that others might not be able to reach.

#4: Better Self-Confidence

 Getting into the habit of collecting and expressing thoughts around a specific idea will help make you feel more confident in your own opinions and how they are represented and explained. Blogging helps organize thoughts into coherent arguments and discussions. The more we train our brains to think in those terms, the easier it becomes to apply those skills in other areas of communication. Likewise, the more confidence we have in our ability to articulate thoughts and ideas, the more confident we become in our own opinions.

#5: There’s Money In It

 We’ve saved the best for last with this one. Blogging can be a very lucrative pastime and can also be developed into a well-paying full-time job or career. Anyone with a real passion for writing (and a little motivation), can make money as a blogger. The how is a little beyond the scope of this article, but there are some excellent resources that, for example, can teach you to write a proper conclusion and be successful.

With all the benefits behind it, blogging is an excellent use of any student’s idle time. It teaches how to use and interact with words, how to effectively communicate ideas, and how to express opinions in a way that appeals to other people. Better still, it can provide a great source of income for anyone inclined to learn how to develop and promote. We encourage you to look into all the benefits and start blogging – either recreationally or professionally – today.

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