The Galaxy S21 FE may not be that difficult to find after all

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There has been a lot of confusion recently about the Galaxy S21 FE. Samsung’s affordable flagship is certainly due for a release this year but it’s facing a delay. We’ve already reported that the Galaxy S21 FE won’t be out until later in the year.

A recent report had claimed that even when the Galaxy S21 FE does go on sale, it will be difficult to find. The company was apparently considering a launch for very limited markets. That may not be the case.

You just might be able to get the Galaxy S21 after all

According to that report, Samsung was only going to release the Galaxy S21 FE in Europe and the United States. No other market would get the device, even those where an affordably priced flagship would do very well.

A Japanese news agency is now reporting that a Galaxy S21 FE model is now being prepared for launch as part of NTT DoCoMo’s fall lineup of new smartphones. If this is accurate, it suggests that a wider launch is indeed possible. Samsung may not keep the device limited to just Europe and the United States.

The global chip shortage is the reason why Samsung was rumored to make this decision in the first place. The shortage has already resulted in the Galaxy Note 21 being dropped from Samsung’s lineup this year. It’s also why the Galaxy S21 FE won’t launch as soon as it should have.

The actual release of this device is another matter. A major leak over the weekend revealed that the Galaxy S21 FE will be announced alongside Samsung’s new devices at the August 11 Unpacked event. If it’s not ready to provide a launch date yet, Samsung just might give a vague timeframe for the Galaxy S21 FE release.

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