The Galaxy Note10 Lite picks up the July 2021 security update

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The July 2021 security update has now started reaching  the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, with its debut arrival being recorded in Poland. We’ve spotted the new release, labeled by PDA version N770FXXS7EUF2, a few minutes ago. No other countries appear to be part of the deployment just yet. Neither do any other changes on top of the new security patch. This development comes barely a couple of days after the smartphone’s two older brothers, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, started receiving the latest security patch, as well.

The July 2021 security patch has been deploying the world over for a few days by now. During this period, Samsung kicked off 33 other deployments across 19 countries.

Only the European version is getting the July 1st patch for now

As per usual, you don’t have to wait for the July 2021 security update to reach your Galaxy Note 10 Lite on its own. Well, not without trying something first, at least. Namely, you can always try triggering a manual installation by going to Settings, scrolling down to the Software update section, and tapping Download and install on the final screen. Alternatively, our firmware archives have full system images containing the new update that you can download. Assuming you know how to manually flash the firmware to your device, that is.

A word of warning for those who decide to go the manual flashing route: do not forget to back up your data – better safe than sorry. And you shouldn’t be sorry if you’re a Galaxy Note 10 Lite owner, which should continue enjoying steady security patches for a couple more years at least. Hopefully, Samsung delivers another Galaxy Note generation by then.

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