The fast WD Black 4TB hard drive has dropped to $150 today only

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The Western Digital Black 4TB internal hard drive has dropped to $149.99 at Amazon. This is a price match of the same deal over at Newegg, and it’s one of Newegg’s daily Shell Shocker deals there. Shell Shocker prices only last through the end of the day, so it’s a safe assumption this deal won’t last forever.

It’s not just the 4TB version on sale, either. For example, the 6TB drive is down to $199.99 today. It normally sells for $225, and it has only gone on sale twice since last year. The 2TB version is also down to $99.99 from $120. Go with the smaller size if it fits your budget. The savings are good either way.

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Western Digital Black 4TB 7200RPM internal hard drive

The 4TB capacity is plenty of space for video games, photos, videos, and more. Uses 2X DRAM cache up to 256MB that helps it read faster. Works with PC out of the box and requires reformatting to work with Mac. Comes with 5-year warranty.

$149.99 $180.00 $30 off

The WD Black is a fantastic upgrade for anyone who’s into video games, creative pursuits like photography, or just into collecting media like music, movies, and TV shows. If you haven’t upgraded your hard drive in a while maybe today is the day to do it. Not only do you get a ton of storage, but the WD Black is designed to be faster than your usual hard drive, too, so it can read your media very quickly. The next-generation design from WD gives you great performance for the price.

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It uses twice the DRAM cache up to 256MB, which helps with the read operations. It’s also a 7200RPM drive, which means it spins faster than your average 5400RPM drive, so you get better performance that way. It also comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s covered from any defects.

This is a 3.5-inch drive, a regular size for a hard drive. It also connects via SATA, also a traditional connection. There are other form factors in the WD Black lineup like the WD Black M.2 SSD. That one in particular won’t give you the same amount of storage but will probably be faster.

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