The Build the Vote initiative in Minecraft wants to educate future voters

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Minecraft Build The VoteSource: Sid Lee / Rock the Vote

( will also have voting houses added to their maps and servers during the initiative. Why is this important? Because during the Build the Vote initiative, participants will actually vote on 10 of the most pressing issues in modern politics today.

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The 10 things participants will be able to vote on include:

  • Gun laws
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Healthcare access
  • Global warming
  • Education system
  • Immigration
  • Job stability
  • Student loans
  • Combating corruption
  • Racial equality

Build the Vote begins Monday, October 26, 2020 and will end on Friday, October 30, 2020. After the initiative is over, Rock the Vote will share the results of all of the votes on their social media platforms, so we can see what our young and future voters are thinking about today. Interested players can get involved using this server address: Like I mentioned above, voting houses will also be added to popular community servers as well. This is a fantastic way for children and young adults to learn about the voting process, and more importantly why their vote matters.

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