The first ever touch screen tablet was released in 2010 by guess who? Apple. In the past eight years the iPad has sold more than 400 million copies worldwide, but its success has led to a plethora of copycat tablets.

It is estimated that 1.2 billion people worldwide use tablets, which represents a staggering 16.2% of the world population. Mobile games are one of the main reasons consumers are purchasing tablets, with the industry booming in recent years.

First-person shooters, strategy games and online casino games are now all available on tablets, but how do you know which tablet is the best for playing online casino games? You don’t, so that’s why we’re here to help. In this article we profile 5 of the best tablets on the market to help you make the most of your online gambling experience.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5



Price: $590

Operating system: IOS

Special features: 10.5 inch LED-backlit multi-touch display, ProMotion technology, fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating, antireflective coating, 2224-by-16888 resolution at 264 pixels per inch.

 The 10.5 inch iPad pro is incredibly slick and provides a user display that gets closer to the edge than any of its predecessors. The LED backlit display is high-resolution, bright and appealing and is backed up by four stereo speakers for the crispest audio experience possible.

With a 4K video output firing at 30 frames per second, it’ll be capable of playing a variety of fast-action games.

For those who are prone to tapping the wrong icon on a tablet, the Apple Pencil is an optional excellent which will cost around £99. It’s probably the best tablet stylus around at the moment and gives the user extreme precision, and when writing, is just like using a pen.

The latest IOS software has made the tablet into a genuine laptop alternative, providing it with immense storage management tools and plenty of functional apps. However, for online gambling, the iPad pro also excels.

The high-resolution display is the perfect tool for playing live poker or roulette and the added stylus gives the user more control when selecting bets. On full charge you can expect to get over 10 hours of battery life, so you won’t be unceremoniously dumped out of a game of blackjack because of a low battery.


Amazon Fire HD10


Price: $149.99

Operating system: Android

Special features: 10.1 inch touchscreen, 1920 x 1200 resolution, 1080p full HD video playback, Alexa assistant, screen magnifier

 This entry is your best bet if you are on a budget, as it’s probably the cheapest functional tablet on the market. Amazon must barely make any profit on these devices, so they make up for that by displaying adverts on your screensaver.

There aren’t as many apps available on this as the iPad, but every single one is checked and scanned by the Android software so you know it will be reliable. Unlike the iPad there’s expandable memory if you find your tablet running out of space.

The battery will last between 8-10 hours and you can make use of Amazon’s assistant Alexa to plan your day hands-free. The processing power of the Fire isn’t as good as the iPad, which is to be expected, but it will still make a good device to play basic games – given its 10 frames per second video output, which doesn’t compare well with the rivals listed here.

Buying the Amazon Fire will also mean you have a lot more money left over to bully people on the online poker table.

Microsoft Surface Pro

 Price: $999

Operating system: Windows

Special features: Built-in kickstand to transform into laptop mode, studio mode for writing and drawing, 7th-generation intel core processor.

 When Microsoft began to get involved in the tablet market, everyone started to panic. The computing giants have long been the most trusted manufacturer of computers, and they have brought their expertise to this tablet.

The Surface Pro is effectively a laptop that transforms into a tablet, with interactive features such as drawing and writing for artists and architects alike.

And it’s great for gamers, too, with a supreme 4K video output and 4GB of RAM that makes lag a thing of the past. With an impressive spectrum of color and a large display screen, you can make the most all kinds of titles pretty fluidly, from adventure games like Crash Bandicoot right the way through to online gambling.

Online casino games have come on leaps and bounds since their early days. Visit any operator and you’ll be surprised at how engaging they can be, with high-quality video and audio immersing you in the action more than ever before. Even the graphics in the most basic card games will blow you away.

With this Surface Pro’s enhanced screen quality and processing power, you’ll be able to see the shuffle of every card as if you were actually playing live in person – rather than from the comfort of your own home – as you’ll be able to see when you play card games at a reputable online casino like this.

This effort also gives you the best battery life available on the market, with up to 13 and a half hours of video playback. However, if you’re looking for a tablet solely to play online casino games then there are better options.

The price of the Surface Pro means that you’ll need to use it for other purposes to get your money’s worth.

NVIDIA Shield K1

Price: $300

Operating system: Android

Special features: 4k Ultra-HD ready, 192 core TEGRAK1 processor, 128GB additional memory, 2GB RAM

 NVIDIA primarily manufacture PC graphics card, so you can be confident that this tablet is perfect for gaming. The 8 inch screen has 1920×1200 display giving you crisp and sharp visuals. There’s also a mini HDMI slot meaning you can plug the NVIDIA into your TV and display your gaming on that.

If you’re clumsy this is the tablet for you as well, as the edges of the screen are coated with rubber to protect against pesky broken screens. This is the ultimate gaming tablet, and an Xbox style controller can be purchased as an optional extra.

Online casino apps will work seamlessly and provide you with an immersive gambling experience. If you’re an avid gamer, this is definitely the tablet for you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2



Price: $340

Operating system: Android

Special features: Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, 263 pixels per inch, 3 GB RAM, integrated stereo speaker, microSD card.


If you don’t want to spend crazy money but want an improvement from the Fire, then this tablet is for you. It features a Super-AMOLED display which delivers bright and vibrant images. The 2048×1536 screen resolution brings a finer edge to the graphics as well.

Octa-Core 64 bit CPU and the Snapdragon 652 processor give the Tab S2 incredible power that can stand up to the demands of pretty much any app available on the Play Store. When streaming live poker your display will be crisp and uninterrupted.

Battery power is slightly lower than some of the other tablets in this article, but if you’re gambling online at home or prepare in advance by charging, this is an excellent tablet to go for.

The tech spec: how the tablets stack up against each other


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