Slay the Spire is a Frankenstein’s monster of mishmashed genres that should collapse under the weight of its own ambition. It’s a roguelike, a collectible card game, and dungeon-crawling RPG. But is it fun, you ask? My friends, it positively slays.

Thanks to the roguelike design, a successful ascent to the spire’s heights seldom takes more than an hour. And while some repetition inevitably slips in, the plentiful and varied ability cards that drop for the warrior, rogue, or mage-like being you control make this a tale with an infinity of variations. Some ascents are rough, as you’ll fail to get cards that complement your hero’s skills. Others, though, reward you with a chain reaction of complementary abilities where poison ultimately triggers corpse explosions. Sometimes Slay the Spire feels like Magic the Gathering, sometimes it feels like vintage Final Fantasy, but never feels like anything less than fun.