Surface Duo delayed for many who preordered the device from Best Buy

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Surface DuoSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft’s Surface Duo starts shipping today, but some unfortunate people will have to wait to receive theirs, even though they preordered them. Several people on Reddit report that their Surface Duo preorders aren’t arriving today.

The status of Best Buy Surface Duo preorders seems to range quite a bit. Some people just see a status that says, “preordered.” One person reports that their order states that it’s “arriving today,” but that UPS hasn’t picked up the package yet. Others see various delays and shipping dates.

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Some people are resorting to buying a second device with the intent to return their original order when it arrives.

The order delays don’t seem to be related to a specific region, as people across the U.S. appear to have delayed orders.

At this point, it’s difficult to tell how widespread the delays are, but there are a significant number of people reporting delays on the web. Some people have also reported similar delays from the Microsoft Store.

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