Spotify offline playback for Galaxy Watch 4 is rolling out now

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Even when its watches ran Tizen, Spotify was Samsung’s preferred music streaming service. The company recently made a major change for its smartwatches. It launched the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic that run on the Android-based Wear OS.

Spotify has had a Wear OS app for the longest time so it’s already available for these best Samsung smartwatches. A new update is now rolling out that brings Spotify offline playback to the Galaxy Watch 4.

Spotify offline playback for Galaxy Watch 4 is on the way

Before Samsung had even unveiled its new watches, Spotify had said that it would update its Wear OS app with support for downloadable content. It confirmed the update once again after Samsung’s latest watches were announced.

This update will now be available on the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (review) since they run Wear OS. The offline playback feature will allow Spotify Premium subscribers to download albums, playlists and podcasts to listen to when they’re offline.

The feature is going to be of limited use to those who are on the Free tier. They can only download podcasts directly to the watch for offline playback. Their music can only be played in Shuffle Mode via either a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Saving songs, albums and playlists for Spotify offline playback on Galaxy Watch 4 will be quick simple. Just navigate to the content you want to download and tap on the Download to watch button. Once they’re downloaded, the content that’s available for offline playback will have a little green arrow next to its name.

Spotify offline playback for Galaxy Watch 4 is an amazing feature. It will let users listen to their favorite tunes without requiring an internet connection. So if you’re out on a run and don’t want to bring your phone with you, your watch can easily store your favorite workout tunes. Storage is not an issue on the Galaxy Watch 4. It has 16GB built-in, higher than any Samsung smartwatch.

Some users have reported on Reddit that they’re already able to use this feature. Looks like it’s rolling out now and should be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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