Snap Inc. has launched its third generation of the Spectacles. This time around, the main draw is not one but two cameras that can capture in 3D.

The Spectacles 3 have two HD cameras on either side, which can capture both photos and videos in 3D. These can then be transferred on to your phone and viewed in the Snapchat app by tilting your phone around for the perception of depth. Or, you can use the bundled 3D Viewer, which is a cardboard doodad for holding your phone much like Google Cardboard and view the captured photos and videos in proper 3D.
Snap introduces new Spectacles 3 with dual HD camerasThe glasses can capture images in a resolution of 1642×1642 and videos in a resolution of 1216×1216. As before, these can be viewed within the Snapchat app in either portrait or landscape and the perspective remains the same regardless of how you hold the phone.

The Spectacles 3 have a new design with circular lenses in a squared off frame. They come in two colors, Carbon and Mineral. The frame is made out of steel and as before the glasses are tinted, making them impractical after sunset.

All photos and videos from the glasses get stored on the 4GB onboard memory, which has space for 100 videos or 1200 photos. The battery lets you record up to 70 videos or over 200 photos on a single charge and takes 75 minutes to recharge. The glasses charge within their carrying case, which has a USB-C charging connector.
Snap introduces new Spectacles 3 with dual HD camerasThe main point of these glasses is to capture the photos and videos and then transfer them to your phone to share them on Snapchat. There are also new 3D effects to take advantage of the 3D photos and videos coming off the Spectacles 3 in Snapchat. However, you have to transfer the files manually over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as there’s still no automatic transfer.

The new Spectacles 3 cost a whopping $380, which is over twice the price of the Spectacles 2. They are available to pre-order now and will ship this fall.

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