SmartThings Find is now being used to locate 230,000 lost devices daily

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Samsung’s SmartThings Find service has become surprisingly popular in a very short amount of time. The service was first released near the end of October last year, and now, less than 12 months after its debut, SmartThings Find is used to locate roughly 230,000 devices every day.

According to Samsung, the SmartThings Find network now comprises more than 100 million find nodes, allowing hundreds of thousands of misplaced devices to be found every day. In the recent announcement, President and Head of Mobile TM Roh said “SmartThings Find is yet another example of how Samsung is continuing to create meaningful new experiences that help make life more convenient and less stressful.”

And indeed, SmartThings Find kept getting new features after its release last year. A few months after its debut, the service became compatible with Android Auto and now allows SmartThing Find users to find their car’s parking location and control certain features — such as air conditioning — remotely.

SmartThings Find leverages Bluetooth LE and ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies to locate devices, and even if your smart device is offline, other Samsung devices owned by other people in the Find network can help you locate your misplaced phone, tablet, Smart Tag etc. And thanks to further updates, users can now invite up to 19 other people to SmartThings Find Members and locate up to 200 devices at once.

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