It has been three days or so since Samsung started the Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie beta program in Germany, India, and the US, but it seems like people aren’t in a rush to try it out. It’s not completely surprising, as most people wouldn’t want to install beta software on their only smartphone. But if you have a Galaxy Note 9 and have been wondering if you can still register, then you are in luck.Galaxy Note 9 Pie beta slots not filled up just yetWe have tried on German and Indian models of the Galaxy Note 9, and the option to register for the beta program still works. It’s possible a few slots were freed up because of some users opting out of the beta, or maybe it’s just the fact that people aren’t too interested in major updates anymore. In any case, Galaxy Note 9 owners in India and Germany can still access the beta program. If you have a Note 9 and live stateside, feel free to check the Samsung+ app and let us know if registration is still possible in the US.To register for the Android Pie and One UI beta program, open the Samsung Members app on your Note 9, go into the Notices section, tap the notice about the Galaxy Note 9 Pie beta program, then tap on the banner that shows up on the screen. Then, tap the Registration/Register button at the bottom of the screen and accept the terms and conditions to get into the program. You can then download the Pie beta by hitting the Download updates manually option in the Software update menu of the phone’s settings.Have you managed to register for the Galaxy Note 9 beta program?Galaxy Note 9 Pie beta