Score a gaming desk for as low as $75 with this sweet Black Friday deal

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First we saw the rise of gaming chairs, and now there are gaming desks. If PC gaming is your passion, gaming desks can offer a lot to make sitting in front of the warm glow of your monitor for long periods much easier. And for Black Friday, Amazon has dropped prices on a couple of gaming desks by a whopping 50%.

The two desks on offer are from Atlantic, and they include the Atlantic Gaming Desk Viper 3000 for $197, and the Atlantic Gaming Original for a ridiculously low $75. Those are down from $399 and $150, respectively, so they’re solid drops all around.

So what makes these “gaming desks” as opposed to just a regular ol’ desk? Well, there are quite a few additions here that could come in handy depending on what you want. Both include a dedicated drink holded, for example, helpfully located off to the side to prevent spills.

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Of course, there’s more than just drink holders to fawn over. The Viper brings LED illumination with some blue lights, a large textured surface area perfect for your mouse, and a three-port USB 3.0 hub that can connect to your computer for easy access. There’s also a tablet / phone slot with cable openings, a dedicated headphone and VR headset hook, and a rear power strip that can help keep cables organized.

The Atlantic Gaming Desk Original is a lot cheaper, so you don’t get all of the same features as the Viper. Still, you’ll find a carbon fiber laminated top, plenty of space for your monitors and speakers, along with places to store your games, controllers, phone, and more. There’s a rear power strip holder hear with built-in wire management, along with a dedicated headphone and VR headset hook.

A lot of these are things you could easily find and add on to any other desk. However, it’s super handy to get all of these additional goodies wrapped up in one, particularly with these huge price drops.

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