Save up to 30% on Surface accessories right now through Amazon

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The Surface Pen is usually a pricey add-on at $100. The black Surface Pen is down to just $64 right now. You can also pick up the platinum Surface Pen for $73.

One of the best deals available right now is on the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen. Usually, that bundle runs at $270, but you can grab it now for $77 off. The Signature Keyboard features Alcantara material and has a tray that fits the Surface Slim Pen. It’s a convenient way to store your Surface Slim Pen and makes it much harder to lose or misplace the expensive accessories.

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In his Surface Pro X review, our executive editor Daniel Rubino states that “the Slim Pen and stowaway feature is simply awesome.”

If you’re still on the hunt for a Surface device, make sure to check out the Surface Pro 7 bundle that we recently covered. The sale saves you hundreds of dollars on the Surface Pro 7 with a Type Cover.

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